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Simulation for Cost Effective Mixing within the Chemical Industries

10am (London) • 11am (Berlin/Paris) • 3:30pm (Bangalore)Register
10am (Los Angeles) • 1pm (New York) Register

Mixing is a very common application within the chemical, pharmaceutical and many allied industries, where streams are mixed to achieve homogeneous distribution. Despite its widespread use, many challenges remain in the analysis of mixing applications.

Every year, billions of dollars worth of production are lost due to poor mixing. Analytical methods and experimental measurements answer many of these challenges. However, there are many unknowns that arise during:

  • Scale-up
  • New designs or multiple internals in equipment
  • Special operating conditions or troubleshooting

These unknowns cannot be answered by the methods mentioned above, but can be resolved better using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulation.

By attending this online webinar, you will learn about the basics of performing a mixing simulation analysis. A demonstration by a technical expert will exemplify the ease of setting up such a simulation. Best practices for simulation of single and multiphase systems will also be discussed. Examples will be given to establish how CFD simulation can bridge the gap in the understanding of the mixing process, thereby providing a more robust design.

Attendees will find this webinar useful because we present the benefits they can achieve by deploying CFD simulation in their workflow.

Engineers who are performing simulation of mixing will be able to gain insights into the ease of use and productivity benefits in using STAR-CCM+® to analyze complex systems.


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