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Develop3D Live! Warwick

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26. März 2015 um 08:00 – 17:00
Warwick Arts Centre
University of Warwick
Gibbet Hill Road, Coventry, West Midlands CV4 7AL
Großbritannien und Nordirland
X3D Media
+44(0)20 3355 7310

Develop3D Live! it has grown to become a really unique global conference, showcasing innovation and talent and highlighting future trends and products that will change our industry.

D3D-LIVE-2014 There are simply no other events where you will find competing design software developers sharing a stage to talk about future developments, let alone be able to see and touch the latest advances in hardware such as 3D printing machines, workstations and 5K displays.

While the event draws all the major developers to showcase their latest innovations, the big stories are from actual product designers who speak at DEVELOP3D LIVE. Throughout the year our editorial team travels around the globe attending events and talking to designers about the work they do.

We create a list of the best we have met and invite them to our conference. We are deeply honoured that they agree to come along so we can all benefit from their experimentation with processes and technologies.

For 2015 we have invited more designers to talk than we have ever done before.


This year’s main stage looks set to be one of the most exciting we have ever had.

This year’s main stage looks set to be one of the most exciting we have ever had. And of course, we’ll kick off proceedings with two mind blowing keynote speakers, who will be announced shortly.

As for the main software players, they are all keen to reveal what they have been working on. For instance, Jon Hirschtick, CEO of OnShape and the former founder of SolidWorks has got the ‘old team’ back together and will be demonstrating a new design system for the cloud-era.

Autodesk CEO, Carl Bass is coming over to present again with plenty of Fusion and Inventor news. Dan Staples, director of product development, Solid Edge at Siemens PLM will be highlighting forthcoming updates whilst DS SolidWorks will be demonstrating the new Industrial Conceptual, as well as some other innovative cloud-based offerings that have yet to be announced.

Interspersed with our industry speakers we will also have some giants of the product design industry giving keynotes. Check the website as we confirm these speakers in the coming weeks.

Product design track

This is what it’s all about, a complete day of product designers at the top of their game, talking about their experiences and innovations in product design.

Make/3D print track

Moving from design to real parts, this track covers the latest processes and technologies such as 3D printing in carbon fibre.

Technologists and practitioners will discuss their experiences and recommendations for rapid product design development.

Start-up track

It’s never been easier to commercialise a good idea and this is why we have brought in this new stream for 2015.

We will have experts to cover everything from low cost design tools, funding, prototyping and manufacturing. If you’re a student, retired or a jobbing engineer with a great idea, this is the track for you.

Hardware track

In a digital design economy, nothing is possible without a powerful workstation.

While there’s a lot of talk of ‘cloud computing’, the everyday reality of design is very much based on the machine by your desk. With a wide range of hardware firms attending the event, we have experts in all aspects of performance.

Receive tips and tricks about your current hardware, see future workstation technologies or try out an Oculus Rift headset.


In addition to the conference, the exhibition areas run throughout the Warwick Arts Centre and cover hardware, software and services.

This year we will have over 60 exhibitors, filling all the available space and providing attendees with an opportunity to mingle, chat and explore.

Warwick Manufacturing Group

As a centre of engineering excellence and hotbed of automotive R&D, we will be working once again with WMG to offer tours of its facilities.

See the technology it utilises and the latest research projects that have resulted for their use.

DEVELOP3D LIVE is an intense day, 33 speakers, 4 tracks, over 60 exhibitors, WMG tours as well as training and plenty of opportunity to mix with your peers.

So, with lots to do and see and inspiration around every corner, it’s a good idea to bring a colleague or a whole team to make the most of the day.

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